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GAP Diagnostic

GAP Diagnostic is a Canadian corporation specialized in electronics and diagnostic systems for the automotive industry. The use of its Integrated Interface Technology (Patent Pending) for diagnostic and vehicle-systems-control devices have made GAP an industry innovation leader.


GAP Diagnostic is the exclusive supplier to Britpart of the IIDTool and IIDTool BT diagnostic systems, the EASControl and EASControl BT raising/lowering modules.


To find your nearest distributor, please click on the Britpart logo.


New supported vehicles, beta testing

Range Rover 2013+, L405

Range Rover Sport 2014+ L494

Range Rover Evoque L538 

Freelander 2 / LR2 L359 here...

Firmware and App

Firmware V3.0 and App V2.0 for Apple are now available here...

Nav On Move

Beta testing for the Nav On Move enabling procedure is under way here...

Firmware and App

Firmware V3.0 and App V2.0 for Apple and Android are under development here...



The IIDTool is VIN locked and must be activated for each vehicle it is used on. Activate the IIDTool here...